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Welcome to the Schultz Foundation!

The Schultz Foundation facilitates positive change by ensuring that counselors and organizations are equipped to handle the emotional and social needs facing families and individuals across Illinois.  Critical funding for groundbreaking work is provided for research to advance, develop, and enhance viable treatment options for vulnerable populations to improve mental health and emotional wellness.

Through the annual grant awards, the Schultz Foundation empowers counseling professionals with needed resources to enrich the lives of those they touch.  Counselors provide guidance and direction to those who struggle with emotional distress and trauma.  

The Foundation promotes innovative projects and programs, along with professional development, research, and mentoring for counseling professionals, organizations, and counseling graduate students. Improving lives and enhancing the counseling profession is the heart of the Schultz Foundation.


Supporting. . . 

  • Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Families

  • School Counseling

  • Suicide Prevention

  • Human Trafficking

  • Victims of Trauma

  • Veterans

  • Autism


  • Community Needs

News & Updates 

Help Counseling Resources Grow

Please help enhance counseling resources with a donation to the Schultz Foundation for Advancing Counseling.  Currently, one in every twelve children is experiencing an anxiety disorder related to increased violence, uncertainty, and instability in their household or living environment.  Mental health is nearing crisis levels and the need for resources to advance counseling is essential.

Grant Opportunities

Job Interview

Merlin W. Schultz

Professional Development Grant

Up to $1,000 for individuals and up to $1,500 for groups. 

See Grant details. 

Apply for this Grant Today!

Legal Research and Writing

Melanie E. Rawlins

Research Grant

Up to $1,000 for individuals. 

Apply for this Grant Today!

Day School Teacher

Toni R. Tollerud

School Counselor Grant

Up to $1,000 for individuals.

See Grant details. 

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Clapping Audience

Robert J. Nejedlo

Social Emphasis Grant

Provides funding for large projects. See Grant details.

Apply for this Grant Today!

Giving and Sharing Resources


The Schultz Foundation for Advancing Counseling promotes innovative projects and programs to enhance counseling services.

We support vital research and professional development for counseling professionals, organizations, agencies, and school counselors to meet the social and emotional needs of vulnerable populations.

These opportunities are realized through annual grants empowering counselors as they enrich the lives of those they touch and the communities they serve. 


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If you would like to support the Foundation or make an in-kind donation please let us know. 

In-kind donations include sharing space in which to offer workshops, networking opportunities, or venues to provide access for counseling programs. We welcome submissions of articles and speakers for community engagements. 


Intellectual gifts include volunteering a special skill or talent to help the Foundation expand services and/or programs. These gifts may include hosting a workshop, fundraising activities, or web page expansion to meet goals. 


We appreciate the opportunity to connect with other counselors and/or organizations as we work together to enhance counseling. 

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