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Mission and Values

The Schultz Foundation for Advancing Counseling is a diverse and inclusive organization. The Foundation’s Board of Directors, Task Force Members, and Committee’s reflect varied ethnicities, cultures, religions, and other unique qualities that add to the richness of the counseling community and populations in Illinois. These valuable attributes bring greater understanding and compassion to those in need.


In order to promote excellence in counseling and support mental wellness in Illinois, the Schultz Foundation for Advancing Counseling provides financial support that encourages professional development and research which addresses social issues within the state. 


  • Respect for Human Dignity - We respect lives of humans and animals, and we seek to cause no
    harm to life. 


  • Embrace Diversity, Multiculturalism and Social Justice - We believe the world is enriched by having people of different ethnicities, races and lifestyles participate on our Board of Directors and in the counseling profession.  We recognize that there are populations in Illinois that are underserved by counselors, and that counseling plays an important part toward advancing social justice in Illinois.

  • Support Creativity - We recognize the need to think beyond the constraints of current circumstances, and we work to fund those projects that take an innovative approach to addressing the needs of the counseling profession.

  • Uphold Fiscal Responsibility - Our ability to carry out our mission is directly related to our ability to fund projects. These funds have been entrusted to us, and we have a profound obligation to respect the wishes of our main benefactor and all of our donors to spend funds in a fiscally responsible manner. 

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