Giving Hearts and Sharing Hope

The Schultz Foundation wants to recognize the following honorees and community partners for
their vision in advancing counseling. It is through their financial gifts and collaborative spirit
that we are able to facilitate positive change by ensuring that counselors and organizations are
equipped to handle the emotional and social needs of families and clients in need.


Critical funding for groundbreaking work is provided for research to advance, develop, and
enhance viable treatment options for vulnerable populations. Grants empower counseling
professionals with needed resources to enrich the lives of those they touch.

The Giving Hearts and Sharing Hope page is dedicated to those who are making a meaningful
difference in improving the lives of others. Thank you for your philanthropic gifts, advocacy,
and resources to improve mental health and provide hope to those who have felt left in



Honored Individuals

Robert L. Ward

Carl Myers

John Hopkins

Ewald Oppmann

Teresa Myers

Melanie Rawlins

Lamelle Ryman

Rob Ryman

Charitable Gifts



Empowering Professionals. . . Enriching Lives

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In January 2017 the Secretary of State approved the Illinois Counseling Association Foundation's request to conduct business as the
Schultz Foundation for Advancing Counseling.

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