Congratulations 2021 Grant Recipients!

Melanie E. Rawlins Research Grantee 

Oliver Camacho (Charles, IL)

School Counselors Mental Health Advocacy for Undocumented Students

Eman Tadros (Lockport, IL)

Supporting Our Children: The Lived Experience of Parents With Incarcerated Children


Merlin W. Schultz Professional Development Grantees


Cherie Barnes (Chicago, IL)

Staring, Maintaining, and Expanding a Successful Private Practice

Leslie Goines (Metropolis, IL)

ASCA National Conference

Autumn Gonzalez (Moline, IL)

Refresh, Recharge, and Reconnect Retreat for Therapists

Kiri Hamilton (Moline, IL)

Advanced Adlerian Play Therapy

Rachel Ineichen (Moline, IL)

Refresh, Recharge, and Reconnect Retreat for Therapists

Jeri Laureano (Chicago, IL)

Advanced Somatic Experience Training

West Central Illinois Professional Counseling Association (Macomb, IL)

Trauma-Informed Care in a Rural Community During COVID-19



Robert J. Nejedlo Social Emphasis Grantees

Carly Day (Chicago, IL)

Calm Spaces Project for Schools

Eastern Illinois University (Charleston, IL)

Freshmen Connection Mentor Program

FamilyCore (Peoria, IL)

Counseling for Low-Income Single Parents

Kids Above All (Chicago, IL)

Therapeutic Counseling Services for Children of Homicide Victims


Toni R. Tollerud School Counseling Grantee

Grant Award Unfulfilled 



Next time you see a flyer for a training or conference, have an idea regarding a social need/problem you think you have a solution to, or identify an area of study you want to research, don’t just push the opportunity away. Instead, apply for a grant from the Schultz Foundation for Advancing Counseling - it could make an impact on your career and the lives of those you touch.  

And, remember, a financial donation of any amount helps to enable the Foundation to continue supporting mental health professionals and counseling graduate students for many years to come.