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Apply for a Grant


Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant. In order to be helpful to applicants the Foundation's Board of Directors provides the following information regarding how the Foundation does its work and how it goes about making funding decisions. 


Summary of the grant process: 


  • The Foundation announces that applications are being accepted and what funds are available for grants.   


  • Those seeking grants need to complete the online application by the specified deadline which is strictly enforced. 


  • Committee members read each application thoroughly and independently.  This is done via "blind review" in which the reviewers do not know the identity of the applicant.  


  • Readers independently evaluate the grant with a numerical rating system relative to the criteria for the application.  For example, they will note:

    • the detail and completeness of the project description  

    • how the project purports to advance the counseling profession and services

    • whether the work will benefit only the applicant or also others

    • how well the project fits with the Foundation’s Mission and purpose

  • The Foundation has awarded close to half a million dollars since 2007.  The grant-awarding process is competitive and dependent on the availability of funds. 

The Foundation is dedicated to empowering professionals and enriching lives through our annual grant awards.  Past recipients are often willing to serve as mentors and the Executive Director and Board President are always available for your comments and questions. Good luck!

Open Grant Applications: 

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