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Mr. Earl Bracey, J.D.





Earl Bracey received his law degree from Southern Illinois University of Law in 1979, an M.S. in guidance and counseling from Eastern Illinois University, a B.A. in secondary education from Mount Senario College and an associate' degree from Wright Junior College. He served in leadership at Western Illinois University for 35 years.  He retired the summer of 2015 as the Associate Vice President for student services at Western Illinois University.  Prior to this leadership position at WIU, he served as Director of Student Legal Services from 1979 to 1986.  

His insightful and practical views and his legal expertise were instrumental during the drafting of the Foundation’s By-Laws and policies. 

While at WIU Bracey was awarded The 2010 Outstanding Leadership in Diversity Award.  "Earl has been referred to as a 'great humanitarian' because of his genuine concern for helping to improve the welfare of people and for actively engaging in causes to do so. Not only has he provided outstanding leadership in diversity at WIU, but he has done so in the Macomb and surrounding communities as well," said Andrea Henderson, director of Equal Opportunity and Access at WIU. "He has been a voice for many groups, and he has lead or been part of many initiatives to support minorities, women, youth, the elderly, individuals from lower economic groups, individuals with disabilities and individuals from international backgrounds."
 Active in the Macomb community, he is a charter member of the Macomb Quality of Life Committee; he has coordinated several programs for the Learning is Forever senior continuing education program series; and he has served as a speaker in the Macomb School District for numerous diversity-related programs. He has served as chair of the Housing Authority of McDonough County and was a member of the Macomb Park District Board, where he was a part of a sub-committee charged with the responsibility of assessing the services for people with special needs.  Bracey also serves on the Western Illinois Credit Union Board and in the past has held a position on the Salvation Army Board. 


Mr. Earl Bracey
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