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Ms. LaCleta Hall, M.A., Secretary





LaCleta Hall is one of the founding members of the Foundation.  Hall personally knew Merlin W. Schultz, one of the Foundation’s major benefactors and visionaries.  She states; “Merlin’s personal commitment to the counseling profession has been a very real fundamental focus for me to stay involved with the Foundation to this day.” She has been serving as the Board Secretary for many years helping to ensure the work and accomplishment are noted for future generations of counseling professionals.

Hall holds a Master’s Degree in Secondary School Counseling and is certified as a School Counselor, grades 6-12 in both Illinois and Missouri, and is a National Board Certified Counselor.  She worked from 1974-2007 as an educator, teacher, and counselor, retiring after 28 plus years from Zion- Benton Township High School in Zion, Illinois. 


Hall has sustained her professional development over decades via her work in various roles; in the school setting, ICA Chapter, and ICA itself, demonstrating her commitment to furthering the counseling profession.


As a school counselor and teacher for 34 years and Head Counselor for 3 years she served on various Advisory Boards, held leadership roles within the Teacher’s Union including the Teacher Contract Negotiation Team, and helped to establish a Navy ROTC program and a Night School Program.


In 1984 she has served on the team to organize the Lake County Counselor Association Chapter and has held each of the leadership offices of the Chapter, including that of President 3 times.  She also has been the ICA Rep for the Chapter for over 20 years.


Hall’s leadership roles with the Illinois Counseling Association (ICA) include;  President Elect 1992-93, President 1993-1994, CICO Representative 1999-2000, Historian 2000-2001, and Secretary 2002-2003. Additionally, she was a Past Presidents Chapter Representative for several years and volunteered for various leadership roles in managing ICA Conventions.  She feels the key accomplishments during her term as ICA President were the vote to join CICO, promoting Licensure efforts, and articulation with other counseling entities in Illinois.


Her tireless dedication to the profession have been rightfully honored over the years.  In 1982, the Lake County Area Vocational School named her Counselor of the Year.  And, she received the Illinois Counseling Association Professional Development Award for three consecutive years; 1989, 1990, 1991.


Hall enjoys retirement in central Illinois and spending time with family.  She is a mother and grandmother filled with glowing joy when she shares photos of the children.  In additional to her professional leadership roles she serves in critical capacities within her church and other service oriented organizations. 


She feels very honored and humbled to be a part of such a meaningful, life changing entity for the lives we can impact with the Foundation funds and grants. 

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